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Getting Rid of Cats

Cats roaming your property can be a nuisance. How can you encourage them to move on safely?

How do I get rid of cats?

Anyone with a garden that children like to play in, where birds come to feed or is a keen gardener knows how incredibly frustrating it is having to check for cat mess and removing it before your children go to play, or finding some of your prized plants dug up and the odd dead bird on the lawn. But don’t worry as there are many different ways to help move that moggie on so they go and find somewhere new to wreak havoc.

In the UK we don’t have too much of a problem with feral cats who can pass on diseases to other animals so in this document we will just talk about domestic cats. As we all know, keeping a cat out of your garden is almost impossible as they are very agile and can generally climb and jump over most walls and fences. Most cats only really explore the neighbourhood for curiosity while at the same time looking for prey, a mate or even food. However it is the marking of the territory and leaving a “calling card” that annoys most of us.

A cat sits on a garden fence at night Cats roam looking for prey, a mate or even food

As with all pests remove any food source from your garden. This includes any uneaten “dog” snacks and food, never be tempted to feel sorry for them and feed them! Also remove any easy shelters they might find, like an open garage, shed or greenhouse as this can become their favourite place to grab a nap before using the “en-suite” garden facilities. Using chicken wire to keep them from going under sheds and decking areas can also work well.

Cats are very aware and sensitive to smells and some of the “off the shelf” cat repellent sprays can indeed have the desired effect. There are also things you might have around the home and garden for example orange and lemon peels, coffee grounds, citronella, eucalyptus and even lavender sprays. You could also plant lavender to move the cats away from parts of the garden if for example you have cats but want to deter them from a specific area. Mothballs were one of the oldest ways to keep cats out of your garden but unfortunately they are very toxic and this can lead to killing cats, dogs and many other pets if eaten so I would stay away from this treatment.

There are many products out there that can also deter cats from your garden. For example motion sensing sprinklers that blast the cat with a small jet of water, that not only makes the cat jump but also makes them very wary about coming back into that part of the garden again. But possibly the best option in our opinion is an ultrasonic device that creates such an annoying sound they just want to get away from it.

Pestgo2 MP2F ultrasonic cat and dog repeller PestGo2 Cat & Dog Repeller MP2C

PestGo2 ultrasonic cat repellers can help deter cat in two distinct ways.

The main deterrent is targeted ultrasonic soundwaves. This just simply annoys the senses of the cat so much that it moves the cat on to an area where they don’t get annoyed by the sound. One of the neat features of our devices is that they also change the ultrasonic frequencies while keeping them within a band of frequencies that the pest hates so the cat doesn’t get used to the same sound.

Additionally, there are a couple of red “Eyes” LEDs that flash at various times. This has the effect that the cat thinks there could be another predator within the area so it quickly moves on to avoid a confrontation.

PestGo2 ultrasonic devices are designed and built in the UK and can be powered via a mains adapter or even run from a 12v (car type) battery if you’re in a remote location, away from mains power. Both options are available at the time of purchase.

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