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Ultrasonic Pest Deterrents - How it works

PestGo2 pest repellers harmlessly deter birds, foxes, badgers, cats, dogs and rodents with sound and light - but how?

Our ultrasonic pest deterrents are an effective line of sight deterrent enabling you to cover a problem area up to a range of 50 feet (15m), giving effective coverage of up to approx. 900 square feet (85 square metres) per speaker.

If you have two speakers in a single direction it will boost the intensity of the sound but not give you much extra coverage. The sound is transmitted from the speakers at approx. 50 to 90 degrees, if the unit is placed in a square building it is best situated centrally.

If the problem is at ground level place the unit so the speakers are at approximately the head height of the pest. If the problem is birds, the unit should be at roost/perch level for best effect.

The image below is based on a worst case 50 degrees output from the speakers showing the effect of a “shadow” from an obstacle:

Diagram of the effective range of a PestGo2 ultrasonic pest deterrent

The high frequency sound irritates the pests and over a period of time they will leave the area as they find it intolerable.

This is not an instant effect as pests will try to take cover in shadows i.e., behind a wall, obstruction, or vegetation to get away from the sound effect.

Two or more units can be used if you cannot avoid a shadow.

Adding UV LEDs, red LEDs or even a strobe light, dependant on the pest you are trying to deter, will give your ultrasonic pest deterrent more scope.

When the lights are looked at by pests, particularly birds, it overloads their sensory receptors (momentarily blinding them) adding an extra visual deterrent.

The LEDs flash in sequence for a few seconds 10-15 seconds after first powering up (if there is adequate light as it is controlled by the light sensor on the side of the unit). Thereafter, it flashes at set intervals.