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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get rid of badgers?

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How do I get rid of foxes?

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How do I get rid of rats?

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How do I get rid of cats?

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How quickly will the device remove the pests?

The PestGo2 devices will create a very uncomfortable place for the pest to reside / pass through. Generally you will see the effect over a week but sometimes, if the pest has managed to “hide” from the effect, it can take longer.

Will they hurt the pests?

No, they just scare the pest with light (when fitted) and sound. This sound is normally enough to get the pest to move on to somewhere else.

Are they safe to humans?

Yes, they are perfectly safe for humans to hear. Generally you will not hear anything when they are in operation but this is very dependent on your hearing. However, we do NOT recommend looking directly into the UV-LEDs, if fitted on your unit.

My son/daughter is getting annoyed by the sound when outside near the unit?

The under 21s can hear some of the varying frequencies emitted form the unit. If this is a problem please contact us and we can help you work around this issue.

What is the best position to install the device?

We recommend installing the PestGo2 units at the height of the pests (heads) you are trying to remove as this will give them the most intense sound. Most of our units have a small bracket that just requires screwing to a surface. Our larger units are designed to fit over a ceiling or onto a flat surface.

I have a MP1B. Is it the same as an MP1F?

While the parts and circuitry are very similar, the programming of the internal chips is completely different. Each type of unit is programmed with the frequencies, delays and patterns that will most affect the pest you are trying to move on.

What is the warranty on the product?

We give all our products a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase.

We have dogs but want a unit to deter cats coming into our garden. Your units do both so will it affect my dogs?

Yes, your dogs will also hear the sound. We would recommend only using the unit at night when your dogs are asleep in your home and the cats are outside. The cats will soon avoid your garden.

Is the unit weatherproof?

Yes, the units have been designed to function outside all year round. The only stipulation is that the speaker isn’t facing upwards as water could then get into the unit which would destroy the speaker over time.

What do the strobes / LEDs do?

They are designed to annoy and scare the pests in different ways. Red LEDs look like predators eyes, UV LEDs give the impression of movement around the unit and the strobe can temporarily blind the pest. All things they do not like at night.

Can I run the unit from a battery?

Yes, PestGo2 units run from 12V DC, so you can use a car battery for example to power the units. However we would recommend a leisure battery as this is designed to run low and be recharged many times. You are also able to use a solar panel to recharge this battery letting you install the units in remote locations.

How do I know if the unit is working?

Simply press the test button on the product. This will change the frequency temporarily so you can hear the sounds.