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PestGo2 Fox & Badger Repeller MP1F

Fox & Badger Repeller MP1F

Fox & badger deterrent using two methods to repel pests, ultrasonic sound to irritate and flashing red LEDs to mimic the eyes of another creature

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Powerful badger & fox repeller featuring two different types of deterrent methods.

The MP1F emits a high level of constantly varying ultrasonic sound to deter foxes, badgers, cats & dogs by causing irritation and auditory discomfort.

In addition to sound, the MP1F features two flashing red LEDs, creating fear by making the creatures believe there is another animal or predator watching them.

A daylight sensor allows the repeller to be used either during the dark, during the day or 24/7 operation. This is useful as both fox and badger are primarily nocturnal creatures and the device can be shut off during the daytime.

For best effect use in open areas with a clear view of the target creature or area to be protected, as ultrasonic sound will be blocked or deflected by any object in its path, even vegetation.

  • Two deterrent effects, audio & visual.
  • Settings for 24/7, daylight or darkness operation.
  • 10 metre power cable.
  • Comprehensive mounting bracket.
  • Choice of mains transformer or 12V battery connection.

The ultrasonic sound can be effective up to 50 feet, the sound continues to travel further but becomes weaker and has less effect.

When using the MP1F with a battery, use a 12V car or leisure type, either will work but leisure batteries are more suited to this kind of use, and whilst any size of battery will work, consider using a 50ah or greater capacity, this is particularly important if using a solar charger.

Solar panels are available for battery charging.

This British designed unit, once manufactured by Martley Electronics, is now manufactured by us at PestGo2 in the small town of Tewkesbury in the UK

PestGo2 Fox Badger Repeller MP1F
Lead length 10m
Mounting Multiple mounting options with supplied bracket
Power input 12V DC from a battery or mains adapter
Warranty period 1 Year
Weight 550g excluding power supply

Area of Operation

View: PestGo2 Fox Badger Repeller MP1F Area of Operation (PDF)

Download: PestGo2 Fox Badger Repeller MP1F Area of Operation (PDF)


View: PestGo2 Fox Badger Repeller MP1F Instructions (PDF)

Download: PestGo2 Fox Badger Repeller MP1F Instructions (PDF)


View: PestGo2 Fox Badger Repeller MP1F Information (PDF)

Download: PestGo2 Fox Badger Repeller MP1F Information (PDF)

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